Q. The whole approach looks very unscientific to me, how do you explain that? Show answer

Q. My husband has just lost his job after 28 years. He has lost all interest in life. He says he is not depressed, but I say he is. Could you help him? Show answer

Q. I have a close friend suffering from post-natal depression and nothing seems to have worked for her. What can I do to help my friend? Show answer

Q. How soon can I expect to feel better? Show answer

Q. How long does a therapy session last? Show answer

Q. Psychologists have years of training to help people with depression, how could someone with a certificate or diploma be effective? Show answer

Q. I am worried about my son, he is losing interest in school, has given up playing footy, and whenever I try to talk about it he clams up. How could a session with you help me deal with it? Show answer

Q. What are the risks, or what could go wrong with this type of therapy? Show answer

Q. Are your fees claimable from Medicare? Show answer

Members of professional associations who have completed the Certificate of Applied Psychotherapy (Human Givens) are now available for consultation:

Linda Black, Wantirna VIC 3152
Maureen Bracken, Ballina NSW 2478
Belinda Hulstrom, Williamstown VIC 3016
Simone Power, Frankston VIC 3199
Christine Priestly, Suffolk Park NSW 2481
Glenn Trigg, Emerald VIC 3782

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