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Known as the 'Human Givens' approach because of its foundation of 'givens' or bedrock truths, the ideas have shed new light on what depression is:

The symptoms of depression arise when excessive worrying upsets the balance between the amount of energy burned during REM sleep and recuperative slow-wave sleep. The result of this imbalance is that depressed people wake up tired and unmotivated.

Depression research and treatment around the world. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy magazine, Dec 2008 Full article

From this understanding of depression, coupled with the first comprehensive explanation of why humans dream (or more particularly, the function of the Rapid Eye Movement sleep phase) the Human Givens provides practitioners with simple, drug-free, and effective therapeutic techniques to lift depression for good.

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What are the 'human givens'?

Members of professional associations who have completed the Certificate of Applied Psychotherapy (Human Givens) are now available for consultation:

Linda Black, Wantirna VIC 3152
Maureen Bracken, Ballina NSW 2478
Belinda Hulstrom, Williamstown VIC 3016
Simone Power, Frankston VIC 3199
Christine Priestly, Suffolk Park NSW 2481
Glenn Trigg, Emerald VIC 3782

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